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The Electronic Paper Display Adapter Board


The TrigBoard is all about low power, but typically displays are not, so if you need a display project to run off batteries, electronic paper is a perfect fit... note that these displays are not meant to show animations or anything like that. Just simple static text/images that update at some slow interval rate. So for example, the trigBoard will automatically wake up once an hour to check its own battery voltage. This is a perfect time for it to update a screen with some data like, Bitcoin prices, YouTube stats, weather, etc... Oh yea, and since the power management circuitry on trigBoard will actually kill the 3.3V supply, that means the display also looses power, but these displays will keep their image even with no power! So now we have a <1uA display system.




Given out through Patreon, but contact me if interested.


The parts list can be downloaded **HERE**. This can be directly uploaded into Digikey if you'd like.


The board hooks up to the trigBoard in the same way as other adapter boards - see WeatherBoard for a full walkthrough of the assembly.




Displays Tested

  • 7.5" Waveshare Display NOTE!! Solder jumpers should be in the 0.47 and SPI-4 positions. Look closely at the assembly photos.


Hello World Code
The library I started with  is from HERE
But I found that I had to modify this to work with the 7.5" display - this modified library that I use is archived HERE
I basically just changed the ESP8266 code to use the same paged update that the AVR uses.  
The Image2Lcd.exe


Weather Display - full source HERE