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The Power Cheater Board provides a simple Level Shifter between a standard USB-Serial Converter from 5V to 3.3V and also serves as a 3.3V linear power supply to the project board. It works nicely with the Cheater Board. Power can be applied to the board from the USB-Serial Converter, Externally through the terminal block, or through a JST connector via a typical Lithium battery.


The inspiration to make this board came from the need for a cheap power supply for the ESP8266 WiFi Module with low quiescent current draw. This video here describes the power supply and benchmarks the regulators that are compatible with this board:

The MOSFET Level Shifters are Explained in this video:

Here's the schematic for reference:



The board ships as a bare board like this:


The board can be assembled easily, since it only consists of through hole components, then it looks like this:


then when plugged into the Cheater board using the USB-Serial Converter:



It is up to you to order the parts. The list can be downloaded **HERE**. This can be directly uploaded into Digikey if you'd like. The parts are pretty self explanatory - the only thing to watch out for is that you place the 6-pin right angle connectors in the right place. The USB-Serial Side takes the Male Header, while the Target Side takes the Female header. Watch out for the electrolytic capacitor polarity as well - the board has markings. The BOM has two regulators you can use with the board, but others can work as well, just as long as the pinout matches.


Coming soon!